13th March 2024

Whatley Manor

Executive Chef Ricki Weston, Douglas Balish, and Ollie Bridgwater unite for an unforgettable dining experience. You may choose to enjoy an overnight stay too, and indulge in the hotel’s spa against the timeless Cotswold backdrop.

  1. Menu

    • Câr-Y-Môr Pembrokeshire lobster chawanmushi
    • BBQ’d venison agnolotti, truffle, consommé
    • Butter poached cod, Waldorf, Bonito, vermouth
    • A5 Wagyu, fermented lettuce, spiced pear
    • Pumpkin seed miso, squash, sesame
    • Mayan red chocolate tart, pecan, vanilla
  2. Pricing

    • £165 per person for 6 courses plus canapés
    • £95 optional wine flight per person
    • 10% discount on room rates for the night
    • £10 per person will be donated to the charity Hospitality Action
    • Ricki Weston: Michelin Star talent leading sustainability through his recipes
    • Douglas Balish: Grove of Narberth’s culinary artist, focused on the best of Welsh produce
    • Ollie Bridgwater: Michelin Star recipient at SOURCE, Gilpin Hotel