Seasoned to Perfection

Ignite your wanderlust on a culinary adventure...


Six-Hands Dinners

Let your palate guide your travels at exclusive six-hands dinners in across the British Isles. Immerse yourself in extraordinary locations, where PoB Hotels' top chefs create magical evenings with local produce.

The Handle 2024

A dive into seasonal dining brought to life by extraordinary PoB Hotels’ chefs across the British Isles. Be inspired by remarkable destinations and diverse local produce.

Order your complimentary copy of The Handle 2024, a captivating edition dedicated to British seasonal produce, provenance and exciting travel tips. Discover 40+ recipes from renowned chefs in the PoB Hotels’ collection, oodles of inspiration for your idyllic British getaway, delve into sustainable dining practices, explore the art of cultivating your own produce, and glean expert wine-pairing tips. The Handle is your gateway to a host of unique experiences.

Embark on a foodie adventure

Experience slow travel with PoB Breaks, a series of immersive journeys. This is your invitation to discover the British Isles like never before; connect with local people, culture and food at your own pace.

4 nights - 160 miles

Matt Tebbutt’s Epicurean Expedition

8 nights - 300 miles

Hedonist’s Dream

7 nights - 300 miles

Sensory Indulgence