ESG initiatives at The Painswick in Painswick, Gloucestershire

Sustainability at The Painswick


The Painswick are committed to increasing the sustainability of the services they offer.

Here, the environment and sustainability practices take centre stage during decision-making processes at every level. The hotel has a team of Green Champions, a driving force who communicate, educate, and engage all staff members in the hotel’s sustainability projects and values.

They continuously promote and improve recycling projects that reduce waste and reuse, through community and project-based innovations. The hotel is working towards a paperless marketing and office practice.

The hotel aims to procure from local suppliers where possible, and works closely with them to implement positive environmental changes in their operating behaviours. They also support local employment and provide live-in accommodation for those from further afield.

They have big plans for the future, including working towards a ‘switch off’ policy for all lights, accelerating the tree planting programme and promotion of biodiversity, replacing commercial bottled water with filtered water re-fill stations, and gaining sustainability accreditation.