The Nare wants to make a genuine difference to the environment and has several initiatives in place to achieve this.

For the last 25 years, fridges have been water-cooled. The warm water is fed into the cold feed to the boiler to heat the hot water. Excess heat from the kitchen is transferred to the outdoor pool. When the pool is cleaned, the backwash wastewater, together with rainwater harvested from the beach hut rooves provides greywater to flush the lavatories. Combined with the use of a borehole, they're minimising their water consumption.

The hotel has its own sewerage plant close to the sea which means it's essential that the environment is considered. The hotel laundry has been relocated five miles inland in order to relieve pressure on such a sensitive coastal location.

A particularly rare Shore Dock plant thrives near the cliff by the hotel; its ideal habitat was created by a constant supply of processed fresh water from the hotel.

Installing energy-saving measures in old 1920s buildings is challenging, however the use of some behind-the-scenes technology which switches off unneeded heating and lights avoided the necessity of rewiring the whole building.

They moved the gas and oil tanks underground away from the coast and installed solar PV panels at The Tregony depot away from the visible coastal location. The inland site acts as a delivery hub, reducing the number of large lorries.

The Nare was one of the first hotels in the country to provide large generous reusable freestanding toiletry dispensers, and paper packaging has replaced plastic packaging throughout the hotel.

The Nare bottles its own drinking water and refills its own-labelled bottles. Rubbish is sorted and recycled where possible, and past-their-best linen, towelling and soft furnishings are given or sold for charity.