The Athenaeum is passionately committed to operating more sustainably.

They encourage team members to help with their commitment through public transport loans and a cycle-to-work scheme. They build relationships with the local community by volunteering and contributing to various programmes.

Sustainable initiatives include the installation of LED lighting and water flow reducers on taps and showers, double-glazed windows, smart motion detectors, urinal flush controls, and energy-efficient heating and cooling. In bedrooms, they also have recyclable Nespresso pods, a low-carbon Hypnos mattress, and a digital media app.

In dining areas, they use ethical, low-carbon produce where possible, plastic is replaced with glass water bottles, food waste is disposed of in an aerobic digester, cooking oil is recycled, paper straws are used and zero-waste cocktails are served.

The Athenaeum had joined the initiative, Hospitality Against Homelessness, launched by Only A Pavement Away in 2020 to provide donations of food, toiletries and clothing to those who were affected.

The Athenaeum supports Hospitality Action, having participated in its Invisible Chips campaign since 2020. This fundraising campaign helps to support people working in hospitality whose livelihoods have been impacted by COVID-19.

GM, Joanne Taylor-Stagg and others set up MIDAS in late 2020. The programme aims to keep millennials engaged with the hospitality industry by creating opportunities to build life and work skills.

The hotel started a partnership in 2018 with Clean the World, where guests’ unused toiletries are recycled into soaps and hygiene products to help vulnerable children and families avoid disease across the world.

The Athenaeum uses The Evaluate Program which assesses the economic, social and environmental impact of the hotel and residences. Currently, they have a four-globe rating for their EarthCheck Evaluate 2022 Earth rating.

It Must Be Now provides access to sustainability methods and information that allow the hotel to be more transparent while highlighting its commitment to the UN Global Goals and being Carbon Positive.