Kilworth House is constantly reviewing how it can improve its Green Policy, and have an Estates Manager who is responsible for this ongoing action plan.

Kilworth House has removed two large industrial waste bins leaving only one on-site, reducing the amount of waste being sent to landfill. They recycle all glass bottles, broken glass, waste paper, cardboard and plastic packaging, printer cartridges, food waste, tins, cans and aluminium.

They use water butts for the collection of rain to water the garden and indoor plants.

When purchasing, they analyse whether a new product is essential, source food from local suppliers, avoid purchasing products with unnecessary packaging, and obtain all CSR policies from suppliers.

Where possible, they use energy-efficient light bulbs, lower heating temperatures and turn off lights in unoccupied rooms. All radiators are fitted with adjustable controls, and daily checks are made on taps, pipes and toilets.

They promote public transport, cycling or walking as the preferred form of transport for staff and volunteers. They offer work-from-home options and hold external meetings via Zoom or Teams where possible.

They encourage staff and guests to consider the environment too. Through simple measures such as turning lights and electrical appliances off when not in use, the hotel can commit to its Green Policy.