Grantley Hall places sustainability at the forefront of all they do and have developed innovative solutions to minimise the hotel's environmental impacts.

Grantley Hall has its own water source that provides all the water for the hotel, including drinking water. As well as this, they use an open loop water system to supply all the hotel’s hot water and heating.

They have their very own Kitchen Garden which serves sustainably sourced ingredients from either the gardens or local suppliers, and work with selected suppliers to ensure that all meat, fish and poultry are ethically and environmentally reared.

Grantley Hall is part of The Skell Valley Project between the National Trust and Nidderdale AONB, which aims to slow water flow along the River Skell in order to improve the natural landscape for people and wildlife.

They aim to reuse and reduce waste at all points throughout the product life cycle via both traditional methods and new technologies. They purchase food in glass containers to reduce the consumption of plastic, and any excess food is sent to a local recycling plant where it is fermented and used to generate power for the national grid.

Grantley Hall has partnered with It Must Be Now, a strategic partner of EarthCheck. This ensures the hotel is constantly measuring and improving its economic, environmental and social practices for a sustainable outcome.