Bovey Castle is committed to reducing its environmental impact and creating a more sustainable future for guests, employees, and local communities.

When training employees, environmental initiatives are a key learning point. They encourage employees to reduce energy, water and waste, and to lift share where possible.

They invite guests to help them achieve their goals by asking them to turn off TVs, lights and radiators in rooms when not in use, and participate in their linen reuse programme to reduce energy and water consumption.

They work closely with their nominated waste supplier and are currently recycling glass, paper, cardboard, plastic and food waste. They encourage people to communicate digitally rather than via post and are gradually introducing more digital systems.

Bovey Castle created a constructed wetland, which is a sustainable, low-energy solution for sewage and wastewater treatment. The area developed into a small wildlife sanctuary which can be accessed by a path from the hotel for guests to use.

They purchase products from local suppliers and cleaning chemicals with a low environmental impact - all of which are recyclable where possible. They clearly communicate their priorities to suppliers when it comes to products, packaging and deliveries, including decreasing the number of deliveries per supplier.

They work closely with local schools, charities and suppliers and often employ locally.