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Family-friendly British hotels and activities

From ice creams devoured on a sandy beach to muddy boots kicked off after a day spent exploring the rugged countryside, who doesn't love family time?

Spacious suites with separate rooms for the little ones, on-site activities for the whole crew, and glorious British towns and cities to explore - experiencing all this with family just makes our hotels that little bit more special.

Special Offers

Discover an array of special offers and packages at our charming family-friendly hotels scattered across the picturesque landscapes of the British Isles - each crafted with utmost care to ensure an unforgettable experience for you and your loved ones. Delight in immersive activities for children, spacious accommodations that cater to families, and delectable dining options that will satisfy even the littlest food connoisseurs. Embrace a truly memorable escape where cherished moments and treasured memories are waiting to be made, providing the perfect backdrop for your family's remarkable journey.

The Handle

Discover a treasure trove of insider tips, immersive activities, and charming destination advice that promises to enchant and delight both young and old. Embrace the spirit of adventure and embark on a truly remarkable journey that celebrates the unique pleasures of family travel across the British Isles.

Try these breaks

Discover the charms of the British Isles with our inspiring family-friendly break itineraries. Unveil the hidden gems and cultural treasures of captivating regions as you embark on a delightful adventure for your family's unique interests. Scenic walks and captivating museums, delightful culinary experiences and unique hands-on experiences, each itinerary is crafted to delight and excite both young and old. Make cherished memories that will last a lifetime and embark on a truly remarkable journey across the enchanting British Isles.

The South West

Coast to Coast

Travel time:
9 nights
Travel to:
6 hotels, 14 attractions

The Cotswolds

Cotswolds Allure

Travel time:
8 nights
Travel to:
8 hotels, 13 attractions


Back to Nature

Travel time:
7 nights
Travel to:
4 hotels, 8 attractions


Love Scotland

Travel time:
8 nights
Travel to:
6 hotels, 10 attractions